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03/08/2013 09:18
I close registration on this site!!! Too many bots!!! Angry

FAQ: Shuric Com.

Where your corporation is located?
Territorially our corporation is located in european part of Russia.
The headquarters of the corporation is in small town Pochinok nearly Smolensk , which is located in 45 km on the south from Smolensk.

What organizational structure of the corporation?
Now we present tiny, practically family firm. The main posts of our firm is:
Chef programmer - Cherepnew A.P.,
Chef marketing department - Bochkarewa E.O.,
Chef writer - Licov S.V.
Practically of the chapter our corporation has not, the important questions are deciding by the simple majority of voices of the participants. As nominally owner of the corporation is registered Cherpnew A.P.

What relation of your corporation to the software pirates?
Our corporation have nothing to do with the software piracy. As we work in the software market as the seller, the piracy operations cause appreciable damage to our purses... At development of own software products we are not using of any piracy products.

Age of the corporation...
Our corporation began vigorous activity in June, 2004. However, let you does not confuse "short" term. In fact our products are developing for a long time. For example, Shuric Diff (was Make upgrade) began to be develop from 1997. Simply in summer of this year we was met and have decided to unite our remarkable talents.

Very bad English language!
We shall be always grateful to you for the mistakes specified at us.
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