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03/08/2013 09:18
I close registration on this site!!! Too many bots!!! Angry

FAQ: Shuric scan

What for me your program?
This program allow you make free space on your store devices at the expense of deleting superfluous copies of files.
The copies of files is files with identical contents, and with different names or (and) path's.
Therefore this program make free space by finding and deleting superfluous copies of files, but factually not deleting information!

I can compare two files to the command FC. What for me your program?
The program allow to find all copies of the file with IDENTICAL contents without dependence from their name or place.
I.E. if on your disk there are two or more files with identical contents, but different names and (whether) in different folders, our program will find them all!
Well certainly if you want to compare two certain files, it is better to take advantage of the program fc. But if you have to compare more lot of files - use ShuricScan!

I not shall remove the file, necessary to me?
Yes, this event is probably.
Only we have accepted a maximum of measures, for saving your information.
1. Our program deletes ONLY the copies of the file, marked by you.
2. The program by default will leave on the disk not less than one copy of the file.
Even if you will mark for deleting ALL copies of the file, the program will leave one from them on disk.
And at last program allows to create undo file.

What is a UNDO-file, which created by your program?
Undo the file represents Bath the file, which allow you make restore deleted, with the help of our program, files. Actually recovery expresss in copying of the leave on the disk file in the necessary folders and names.
Our program allows to create two versions undo of the file: simple and enhanced.
The simple version undo of the file allows only to restore completely and at once state of the disk before deleting files. This version restores at once all files.
The enhanced version represents the rather complex program written on the language of batch files to which capability remind capabilities of archiver working from the command line.
The UNDO file does not restore attributes and date / time of the file.

What is necessary to make after deleting files by your program?
First of all, if you deleted not document files (executable files, library, the databases etc.) are necessary to check up by function ability of the programs, used by you. In case of necessity try to restore a state of a file system (for example from backup copyes or Shuric Scan undo file) and in future do not delete files, necessary for your programs.

What files cannot safely be deleted?
Precisely it is impossible to tell. Can only advise to think three times, before to delete someone files from a folder "Program files" and folder, where is installed yours Windows. To learn how find out where is installed Windows on your computer click here...

Where is installed my Windows?
Run MSDOS session (Start -> Programs -> Standart -> Command prompt...
type this command:
set SystemRoot
As result system will print path for system folder...
At last you can close MS-DOS seccion window by click on close button, or type EXIT command..

What sanctions are stipulated for use on expiration of a trial period of the not registered program ShuricScan?
Using with out register our programs is forbinden by copright laws as country-wide as international.
Firstly the program does not undertake of any destructive operations.
During fact-finding term the program ShuricScan works completely of similarly registered copy.
However after completion of fact-finding term the program begins gradually to reduce the efficiency.
Thus than more time the you are used the program without registration, then more the program will decreased freed space on your hard disc, and from a certain moment she in general will stop hers useful operations.

When I try to begin scanning I receive the message on a mistake: "List out of bounds (0)". What not so?
Such mistake arises if you try to begin scanning with the empty list of folders for scanning. The mistake has been admitted in version 1.02 and corrected in version 1.03. Therefore or fill in the list of folders for scanning, or download the new version of the program here...

What for you needed to change a name of the program?
The matter is that in programming we understand where better than English language. And the old name very much was pleasant to us. However, users (which knew English language better) downloaded our program as means for viewing or scanning of images and very much was surprised, when did not find anything similar. Here therefore we also have decided to bring in that to a name of the program that she does - destroys unnecessary copies of files (which frequently name clones or duplicates)

When I try to begin search of files - duplicates (УShuric scanФ->ФRun Shuric scanФ), the program is closed without any messages. What I do wrong?
Most likely all of you doing - correctly. Simply in the setup program (last version) we admitted the small mistake. The setup does not create two keys in the registry. You can add these keys in the registry download and import in the registry a small file (which possible download here), or simply will create a mask of selection of files before the beginning of search. For example a mask of kind W + *.* (that means that search includes all files satisfying to a Windows mask *.* - i.e. ALL files). After you will make it once - the program will start to work normally! You do NOT repeat these operations further!

How me use Shuric scan to delete duplicates from the My documents folder?
For help you we prepare simple list of operations. You can find this list here...
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